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Discovery and Learning

Painted Hills Preschool exists to provide an education for children ages three, four, and five that emphasizes faith, hope, and love, as well as providing essential academic skills, for a successful transition to kindergarten.

Young children learn best through play experiences. We provide a wide range of hands on activities and encourage experimentation with many kinds of art, math, science, reading readiness, language, music, and movement activities. We have many art supplies, blocks, books, and dress-up clothes, and inside and outside equipment in order to enhance large muscle development. We have puzzles and toys to enhance manipulative and categorization skills. During the course of the class time, the children will have opportunities to participate in experiences designed to enhance social skills, listening skills, following directions, developing leadership skills, problem-solving, and building character.

Each day we have a special activity. These activities rotate so that students who only come two or three days a week get to experience the different activities. Descriptions of our special activities can be found here.

Each morning we have a learning circle time. These learning times are set to help our students prepare for kindergarten. Some of the basic readiness checklists we use to help us evaluate students for kindergarten can be seen here.

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